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About Our Dog Rescue
Sadly, thousands of dogs are euthanized every year in Los Angeles city animal shelters. The vast majority of these dogs are put to sleep for the sole reason that they are homeless and have no one to care for them. These dogs are helpless and are meeting death for absolutely no fault of their own. At CageFree K-9 Rescue, we strive to save as many dogs as possible from this terrible fate. We operate our dog rescue foundation under a no-kill philosophy and we are committed to our dogs for their entire lives. Once we make a commitment to a rescue dog, that commitment never wavers and that dog will always have CageFree K-9 Rescue to depend on.

Many of the dogs who come to our rescue arrive directly from local Los Angeles animal shelters where they were "red-listed". A "red-listed" dog is one whose time has run out and the dog may be euthanized at any moment. In order to save their lives, we take these dogs out of the shelters and find permanent homes for them. This can be a costly and lengthy process, as many of the rescue dogs come to us sick or injured and require extensive medical care. Others have behavioral issues which oftentimes require long-term dog training and dedication to rehabilitate.

All of our dog rescue efforts are made possible by public support. As a non-profit organization, we rely 100% on voluntary tax-deductible donations to generate funding for our cause. Veterinary care, training, housing, feeding, and rehabilitating dogs are not inexpensive ventures. Especially because we are committed to ensuring that each and every rescue dog in our care receives whatever treatment is needed. So please make a donation and help support our dog rescue efforts. We can't do it without your help!

The CageFree K-9 Rescue Foundation in Los Angeles was formed out of Founder/President Jill Winter's love of dogs and her unrelenting desire to help dogs in need. The beginnings of the Foundation were set in motion with the chance meeting of one little dog at the South Central Los Angeles shelter who was about to be put to sleep because of nothing more than a broken elbow. The dog rescue foundation now houses as many as twenty dogs at a time and has placed hundreds of dogs in permanent loving homes over the years. The Foundation's main focus is to help dogs who are in the red-listed in the Los Angeles city shelter system. Dogs that are on the "Red List" are the next to be euthanized and are often sick and/or injured. With the help of our generous donors, we are able to help these great animals who are unable to help themselves.

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